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September 27-November 22 , 2008

Heather Boaz

Drawing inTime

heather boaz video installation

Heather Boaz is an artist who lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. In her work, Boaz focuses attention on the temporal aspect of drawing by videotaping herself performing repetitive acts. Typing with her fingers dipped in charcoal, tapping out Morse code with a pencil, and blowing charcoal dust onto paper are some of the techniques she uses to make videos and drawings. The process in each drawing has a mildly ironic relationship to the content. For example, the word she repeatedly types with her charcoaled fingertips is the password to her hotmail account and the Morse code she taps out is William Burroughs famous “Language is a virus. . .” quote.

heather boaz video installation
Another series of Boaz’s video work depicts the artist creating drawings using disappearing ink. The video is sped up so the drawings that disappear and are redrawn over and over become animated. Boaz manages to depict the ephemeral nature of fire, tears, the human heartbeat and martyrdom in these videos.
Heather Boaz has an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has been shown at the Drawing Center in New York,  and in exhibitions on the east coast, in Ireland, and Germany.
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heather boaz video installation

heather boaz video installation




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