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January 17-February 19, 2009

Austin Video Bee

AVB RE-Performs

Austin Video Bee is a multimedia video collective based in Austin, Texas. AVB seeks to promote experimental and innovative pieces and to be an integral part of the vital Austin arts community.

About the Project:

The history of performance art, along with the many contributions to feminism by the artists involved in this sort of practice often fall prey to poor documentation, to photo-death. The work is not felt as something alive or available to newer generations of artists. We at the Austin Video Bee decided to do something about it. Each of us "re-performed" the work of another artist we admired, following two strict guidelines:

1) The Bee cannot choose a performance (s)he has witnessed first-hand.
2) The documentation of the re-performance must be under one minute in length.

Stringing these documentation videos together becomes analogous to a game of "telephone," where our potential misunderstanding of what the performance originally was becomes a generative process, like covers of songs that retain the essential qualities of the original but become something new in the process.

AVB RE-Performs includes:

Elizabeth Abrams re-performs an excerpt from Hannah Wilke's "Gestures"

Anna Krackey re-performs Jill Pangallo's "Some Lady Kickboxing"

Ivan Lozano re-performs Ana Mendieta's "Body Tracks"

Jill Pangallo re-performs Vito Acconi's "Theme Song"

Corkey Sinks re-performs Marina Abramovic's reperformance of Gina Pane's "Conditioning"

Lee Webster re-performs Marina & Ulay's "Great Wall Walk"

Jamie Wentz re-performs Phyllis Baldino

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